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Counseling at Western Carolina

Our counseling services are established around an individualized, patient-centered, comprehensive approach. 

We support and strongly believe in the disease concept of addiction medicine. We consider addiction to be a primary, progressive, chronic disorder, subject to relapse, which affects the community at large.

We believe in a holistic approach to the treatment of addiction by utilizing the full benefits of medication, substance abuse counseling, group counseling, family support/counseling and community based resources. Patients must engage in behavioral therapy designed to help them make necessary changes in their lives. Patients are involved and participate in their treatment plan development. We also encourage patients’ families to provide support during the recovery process.

We are committed to providing interventions supported by research in the field, as well as outcomes data developed within the field and within our sister programs. Our philosophy of care includes a total commitment to high quality substance abuse treatment to all patients regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, HIV status, sexual orientation, gender, age or socio-economic position. Successful long-term recovery requires addressing relapse potential, behavior modification, and expanded opportunities to improve lifestyle (educationally and vocationally).