While medications help with the withdrawal and the craving aspect of addiction, the emotional and psychological symptoms also need addressing.

Counseling helps a person develop skills and behaviors that help with critical areas of recovery. Successful long-term recovery requires addressing relapse potential, behavior modification, and expanded opportunities to improve lifestyle (vocationally and educationally). Our counseling services are established around an individualized, patient-centered, comprehensive approach.

Individual Counseling

Patients will be required to attend individual sessions with an experienced counselor who will assist patients in meeting their goals and maximizing their treatment experience.

Group Counseling

We highly recommend attending group sessions which are offered onsite at each program (see group counseling schedule at each location). Some group counseling is focused on topics related to substance abuse recovery while others might teach you a new skill or maybe help improve practical life skills such as resume writing. Your counselor may require your attendance at group sessions as part of your treatment plan.

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