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New Patients

General Rules

As treatment is aimed at helping you to change behaviors in all areas of your life so that you may grow through the recovery process, there are several rules and procedures that you will be expected to follow. These rules have been created so that all patients may have the opportunity to realize their fullest potential in treatment. Below is an overview of some basic rules you can expect to encounter. This list is a general overview and NOT inclusive of all rules specific to your treatment program. Please review your Patient Handbook for a complete list of program rules.

  •     Treat Clinic Staff as You Would Expect to Be Treated - with courtesy and respect.

  •     Treat Other Patients as You Would Like to Be Treated - Everyone deserves the right to recover in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Behavior that is considered rude or disruptive will not be tolerated.

  •     Be Prompt - Understand that if you arrive after the closing time of your facility, you will not be seen or medicated.

  •     Provide Payment - Becoming a productive member of society includes being financially responsible.

  •     Do Not Loiter - Laws and regulations prohibit our program from allowing patients to loiter on our premises. Loitering is defined as staying on the premises while not conducting business associated with your treatment. This includes standing in the parking lot conversing with other patients. So we can be compliant with the law, we require all patients to leave promptly after completing activities related to their treatment. We also require all patients who are waiting to do so inside the building in our waiting area.

  •     Drug Screens - Random & scheduled drug screens are a regular part of treatment for all individuals. If you refuse to take a drug screen, it will be considered as positive and may affect your take-home privileges. If your program is in the state of South Carolina, we are required by law to begin drug testing you on a weekly basis until your drug screen is negative for illicit substances. You will be required to pay our laboratory cost of $12.00 if a weekly screening is required until we are no longer required to complete a weekly screening (which is after you submit a drug screen that is negative for illicit substances).

  •     Take Your Medication ONLY as Prescribed.