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New Patients

Patient Rights

As a patient you have the right to:

  •      Agree to your own treatment and given services that meet your specific needs and abilities. You also have the right to be involved in all areas of your treatment planning and to receive all services all services paid for in a professional manner consistent with state and federal rules and regulations;

  •      Review your records by scheduling a time with your counselor after asking and receive a timely response to any request for copies of your record (within 48 hrs Mon-Fri);

  •      Have privacy during your treatment;

  •      Authorize releases of your treatment information by talking with your counselor. You also have the right to revoke these releases at any time;

  •      Be treated with respect and dignity by staff and have your property respected, and be free from physical abuse, seclusion and/or restraint, sexual abuse, harassment, neglect or physical punishment and be protected from the behavioral disruptions of other patients;

  •      Be free from psychological abuse, including humiliation, threats, or exploitation;

  •      Be free from being exploited for financial gain;

  •      Treatment without giving up any of your civil rights or other rights protected by law as a condition of treatment. If your rights are violated, an investigation will begin within 24 business hours of the program becoming aware of a violation. You will receive a reaction to any report alleging a violation of your rights within 5 business days.

  •      Referrals to self-help groups, advocacy services, legal services, or any other public or private service that may benefit you by talking with your counselor. This means that you can discuss your needs and preferences with your counselor and they will direct you to other services that may help you.

  •      Be given important information about your treatment to help you make the best possible decisions including your medication dose level, the services you will be provided at our program, your treatment needs, medical information surrounding methadone for addiction treatment, cost of your treatment, program rules, the staff members who will be providing you with services, and any involvement our program has in research projects (if applicable).

  •      The right to express your preferences and have your preferences considered regarding our services, the composition of your service delivery team, and any involvement in research projects. Our program will never involve you or any part of your treatment record in any research project without your expressed permission to do so.

  •      Express your first choice of counselor at any time and to meet your counselor when you first start treatment.

  •      Receive the same level of access to treatment as all other persons in need regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, source of payment, or age (as long as you are over 18 years of age).

  •      Know any changes in policy that may affect your treatment. These changes will be posted on one of the patient’s bulletin boards (outside the receptionist’s office or next to the dosing windows).

  •      Know that there are written steps that we follow if you violate any rules and/or if your rights are violated in any way.

  •      Confidential treatment as law requires. This generally means that without your written permission we may not give any information about your treatment to anyone else.

  •      Receive services from other providers while you are in treatment and/or discontinue services from other providers at any time.

  •      Refuse any part of our services at any time. You also have the right to discontinue services at any time and/or request withdrawal or detox when you think you are ready to do so. This must be requested through your counselor. You may also transfer to another treatment program (if they accept you) at any time and know that any needed paperwork will be sent to that program from us with your permission.

  •      Discuss any grievance or complaint or appeal a decision with the Program Director by scheduling an appointment with them through the receptionist without experiencing any retaliation as a result. You can bring in someone to advocate for you during the grievance process if you wish. You may also file a written grievance, complaint, or appeal in writing and forward it to the Program Director. You can get a Patient’s Grievance Form from the plastic holder in the lobby or from any staff member. There is a written procedure in place to take care of grievances and complaints. You will receive a response to any written grievance in writing. You also have the right to appeal to an unbiased source. This can be carried out by submitting a completed written grievance form and submitting it to our Regional Office at 864-527-1251.

  •      File a complaint with DHEC (SC), DHSR (NC) or the State Opioid Treatment Authority (SOTA) if we abuse your rights as described by State regulations. The number to call will be given to you by the Program Director if you ask.