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Take Homes

Your medication is a vital part of your treatment. If taken as prescribed and paired with our counseling services, it can greatly increase your chances of accomplishing your goals in treatment. If you are receiving your medication from our pharmacy, you will initially be required to come to our facility Monday through Saturday. Sunday will be the only day which you may receive take-home medication. Not only does this rule help our program to stay compliant with State and Federal law, it also help us to ensure the safety of you and others within the community. This rule also provides an additional level of accountability for you to help increase your chance of success within our program.

As you demonstrate that you are growing through the recovery process, you may become eligible to take-home medications for days of the week in addition to Sunday. You could even become eligible for take-homes for several weeks at a time. Having the ability to take home medication is not a right - It must be earned. You can earn the ability to gain additional take-homes by following the rules of your program, changing targeted behaviors, and demonstrating responsibility in treatment.

Your take-home status will be determined by your treatment team. Your treatment team will consider all of the following criteria, paired with State and Federal guidelines, to determine what level of take-homes you are eligible to receive: