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New Patients

Tips for Success

Although entering treatment can seem overwhelming, there are some tips that you can follow to help ensure your success within treatment. While your counselor and program staff should be consulted for more specific advice, following some of the tips below should help maximize your opportunities to accomplish your goals in our program.

  •     Be Open with Program Staff - As our program begins with the development of an individualized Treatment Plan to help you meet your goals, it is extremely important to be open with program staff from the start of treatment. Always be honest with your counselor about what you are struggling with, what your goals are, what you are successful at, what you are afraid of, your feelings, preferences, changes in your life, etc. This will give program staff the opportunity to provide you with their knowledge and experience so that you have the greatest chance at success.

  •     See Your Counselor Often - While your medication will be beneficial in helping you achieve the results you want in treatment, it will only truly be effective when paired with counseling. Your counselor has education and experience in dealing with various issues you may be dealing with. Their experience will also help you to spot potential stumbling blocks on your road to recovery. Utilize your counselor!

  •     Attend the Newcomer's Group - A Newcomer's group is offered at your location. The topics discussed in this group are aimed at helping you know what to expect in treatment. Attending this group will help you become more familiar with your program, provide you with tips for success, and even allow you to meet additional staff members.

  •     Attend Other Group Meetings- It has been our experience that support received from others in similar situations to you can be very helpful while in treatment. For this reason, group meetings are offered at your program. Groups also provide instruction on various life skills. Ask your counselor for a group schedule for your location.

  •     Alert Clinic Staff of Any Medication Issues - At various points in your treatment, it may be necessary to change your dose level. Your program staff has been trained on physical symptoms that may indicate a need to change your dose. Keeping you on the correct dose level of your medication will increase your chances for success in treatment.

  •     Follow Your Programs Rules - The rules in place at your program were created to give you the greatest opportunities to be successful in treatment. Become familiar with these rules and follow them at all times.

  •     Inform Loved Ones of Your Decision - Your decision to enter treatment will have an effect on your family and loved ones. Ask for their support in your treatment. If they have questions about your treatment program, our staff will be delighted to answer (if and only if you have given written consent for staff to discuss this with these individuals).

  •     Keep Coming Back! - Your program is filled with people who want to support you and know how to provide you with the support you need to be successful. Even when you feel overwhelmed or fearful, it is important to continue showing up at your program. Treatment will be filled with ups and downs, but with the proper support you will be able to successfully meet your goals.