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  • Treatment Overview

    Congratulations on your decision to enter treatment! For more than 35 years, opioid replacement medications paired with counseling have helped millions of people with opioid addiction regain control over their lives. Entering treatment is a life-changing decision. As with any life-changing decision, the beginning stages of making this change may be a time of uncertainty. For this reason, we want to provide you with some basic information on what to expect in the beginning of treatment. While this page is helpful, advice and support should always be sought from staff at your treatment program, as they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you to be successful.

    An Overview of Treatment

    As you are probably already aware, our treatment program is aimed at helping you improve ALL areas of your life. For this reason, treatment is a process that includes many components. Some of these components are:

    Individual Counseling - You will be required to attend individual sessions with an experienced counselor who will assist you in meeting your goals and maximizing your treatment experience.

    Group Counseling - We highly recommend attending group sessions which are offered on-site in each program. During these groups you will learn from staff members, learn from other patients, and even have opportunities to help and share with others. Groups are focused on a variety of topics. While some are focused on topics related to recovering from addiction, others are focused on teaching new skills. Some are even focused on improving practical life skills such as resume writing. Your counselor may require your attendance at group sessions as part of your treatment plan.

    Medication - You will be given medication to assist you in the recovery process. You will initially be required to come to the program Monday through Saturday to receive your medication. You will be required to have a lock-box to store any take-homes you are eligible to receive. You must bring your lock-box with you to receive your take-home medication. As you continue in treatment, you may earn take-home privileges which allow you to be required to visit the facility less frequently.

    Take-home privileges are not a right... they must be earned over time. More information on how to obtain take-home privileges is provided on the Take-Home page which can be found on the menu on the left side of this page.

    Confidentiality - Confidentiality in treatment is your right. Your confidentiality is not only valued by our staff, but also protected by State and Federal laws. We will never divulge any information about you without your expressed written consent. It is your obligation to never divulge any information to others regarding any other patient you may encounter while in treatment.